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Who we are

Javier de Miguel Muñoz

CEO MindCompanySport

Degree in Psychology and MBA Executive, Master in Sport Psychology and HR, Isabel Blanco Sport Psychology Award.

The MindCompanySport method creator and sport psychologist, who has trained more than 400 professional teams, is the author and co-author of three books related with his method.

German Schaffer

Mindcompany Method Director

Agustín Caballero

Finance Director

Patricio Gutiérrez

Certified Mindcompanysport Consultant

Antonio Ruiz

Marketing Director

Diego Scaraffia

SVT Method Director

Pío Salvador Aguirre

Certified Mindcompanysport Consultant

1. Mission

Our firm’s mission is to incorporate sports psychology into business teams.

2. Vision

To be the first firm to measurably apply sports talent to achieve business performance.

3. Valores

Objectivity, speed, effectiveness, strategy, Team, system, training, results.

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Talento deportivo aplicado a la empresa

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