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Format: Soft cover – 160 pages
Publication: March 2022
Author: Javier de Miguel

Sports talent applied to the company

After 10 years of experience working with businesses performance as CEO of MindCompanySport, the time to position the value of sport psychology applied to business teams has come.

Many initiatives have been taken and all of them have their value and, without them, I would not have managed to build this methodology for the company. But, it is the moment of definitive impact: the company needs to improve its ability to perform leaving behind methodologies that support performance, but do not work with it directly.

Sports talent drives the company’s performance, and in this book, I wanted to make clear the reason of it and the how, describing a unique methodology for the business environment.

Format: Soft cover – 128 pages
Publication: November 2018
Authors: Javier Imbroda, Juanjo Martín, Javier de Miguel

Train to Lead

Our country’s productivity data is among the lowest among the large global economies. However, in high competition sport, we lead many of the world rankings and our athletes, from many different disciplines, have achieved great international recognition. This is largely due to the formidable leadership skills of coaches and the most powerful behavioral change tool in existence, training. How could we get our business teams to perform at the same level as our sports teams?

MindCompanySport has created a unique method for organizations to achieve their strategic goals by applying sports psychology in business environments by training the highly demanded skills that both teams and professionals need. To master a skill is not enough with theoretical knowledge, if we want to be able to apply it successfully we must also train it.

With tools and methodologies of high competition sports, the creators of the method, Javier de Miguel and Juanjo Martín, together with the former national basketball selector Javier Imbroda, show us how to act and solve real problems you could face in your company as a high-level coach would. In this book, you will discover how to manage various situations of communication, coordination, time management, decision-making or stress in the company ― situations, that can cause the performance and productivity of the teams to decrease ― just as a high competition coach would.

Format: Soft cover – 160 pages
Publication: Mayo 2015
Authors: Juanjo Martín, Javier de Miguel

Training to Sell

In this book we teach you techniques of sport psychology applied to business teams to increase productivity.

If elite athletes achieve results by training a behavior repeatedly to compete, why do the professionals of the company continue to exclusively “train” when their day to day is also a competition? We need teams that are more productive and bosses that lead their employees better. What we can do? Train the behavior in your work team.

In this book, we explain how to do it. Choose the problem that is messing with your head and solve it with training. You will obtain measurable and observable results easily.
Juanjo Martín and Javier de Miguel, experienced sports psychologists who have successfully worked with soccer, basketball and other top sports teams, show us through real cases, training sessions that have proven to be effective in an area where losing is never considered an option: high level sports competition. Now, with the novel MindCompanySport Method, they apply those techniques to the business world, with surprising and effective results. Sport psychology applied to business teams.

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